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    Family Friendly Las Vegas | The Neon Museum

    This past February I went with my husband and friends to The Neon Museum. It was definitely a beautiful and educational experience. We went on an hour-long guided tour where we learned about Las Vegas history. I definitely will be going again, and taking DJ and Brooklyn with us. My advice is to pick a time after it gets dark for your tour. It can be really hot during the day for most of year. Also, the 11 restored signs looks beautiful at night. To order your tickets for the tour you go on their website and choose the time slot you want to go on. They have quite a…

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    Self Care Night

    These past few months have been draining emotionally, mentally, and physically. I tend to ignore my problems until either they go away or I have no choice but to do something. Two weeks ago I started taking care of the physical part of my problems, but I still wasn’t doing much for my emotional and mental state. I decided it was time to recharge my batteries a little with a self care night. Honestly, I used to do these at least once a week, but life happens and other things took priority. My self care nights are pretty simple, but they usually get the job done. Disclaimer: This post contains…

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    Toddler Approved Cheddar Lasagna

    Having an almost three year old means having a picky eater. I remember the days when he would eat whatever we gave him, just like Brooklyn now. One of the few things DJ is obsessed with is cheddar cheese. We try to add it to as many dishes as we can. The first time my husband made lasagna since DJ became a picky eater he wouldn’t eat it. The next time he made it with cheddar cheese instead of the mozzarella, and he loved it. I know this isn’t an authentic lasagna, but if that is what you want you can just substitute cheese. This is my husband’s recipe for…

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    Family Friendly Las Vegas | Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens

    One of my favorite places to go each season in Las Vegas is the Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens. The conservatory is located next to the Hotel Lobby, and is 14,000 square feet. Flowers, plants, and tree create almost the entire space. It takes a horticulture staff of 120 to maintain the conservatory, and 90% of the flowers, trees, and plants are recycled. The Bellagio Conservatory changes every seasons, plus Chinese New Year. They are open year round, except  June 11-16, September 9-14, and November 25 – December 1.   For the summer the theme is That’s Amore. It was breathtaking. I have been there quite a few times, and this was…

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    Bath Time Essentials For Baby

    I remember the first time I gave each of my little ones their first bath. It was so terrifying. I think the thought of giving such a small tiny human a bath while holding their heads up and making sure you don’t get water in their faces is a bit nerve-wracking. One thing that helped me is making sure that I had all of the bath time essentials for baby ready and in reach. It is important to remember not to fully submerge your baby until after their umbilical cord completely falls off. I created a list of bath time essentials to help you out to help make this less…

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    Making The Most Of Nap Time

    As a parent, I find it hard to get everything I need done in a day. It was much more difficult when my little ones weren’t on the same schedule. Now that they are I find it much easier. I use nap time to do the bulk of the things I need to get done. Luckily for me DJ & Brooklyn nap for about 2-3 hours. One usually wakes up a little bit before the other, but I try to make it so I do most of what I need in a 2 hours window. I make sure I start as soon as I lay them down, I don’t wait…

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    Hospital Bag Essentials

    I remember packing my hospital bag for DJ two months in advance. My doctor and everyone around me kept telling me that since he was my first he would most likely be late. Everything I was told made me assume he’d be born closer to the end of September. I suppose my brain was thinking it would be closer to New York fall weather. Even if DJ would have been two weeks late like I was preparing for it still would have been in 90’s here in Vegas. It was only my second year going through a Vegas summer experience though. My bag was packed with yoga pants, a sweatshirt,…

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    Tips For Staying On The Las Vegas Strip With Young Children

    Living in Las Vegas with two toddlers has given me a lot of first hand experience with staying at hotels on the Las Vegas Strip with young children. My family loves to have little staycations, and we tend to get a lot of comp nights on the Strip. Also, when my Mom comes into town we tend to spend most of our time on the Strip. We went from going without kids, to going with one baby, to now going with two toddlers. I have found that while it can be a bit more of a hassle at times, it’s actually pretty easy to have a good time and have…

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    Turkey and Pork Cheesey Meatballs

    I have a bad habit of always cooking the same things for dinner. Even though I’m a stay at home mom I find it makes the day go smoother if I just cook one of my same simple meals. After David & I had a discussion the other day about me mixing it up, I decided to try to make something he made one Thanksgiving for me while I was pregnant with Brooklyn, and had gestational diabetes… Turkey and Pork Cheesey Meatballs! This post contains an affiliate link. Please check the sidebar for more information. I’ve been thinking about making these since he made them Thanksgiving 2016. That’s a long…

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    5 Bottle Feeding Must Haves

    How you end up feeding your baby always seems to cause a lot of controversy. I don’t really understand it. As long as your baby is fed that should be all that matters. I ended up having to formula feed since I didn’t produce any milk. Nevertheless, whether you formula feed or pump you will end up bottle feeding (unless you strictly breastfeed without pumping). These are my 5 bottle feeding must haves. This post contains affiliate links. I may get a small commission at no extra cost to you. For more information check the sidebar. Bottles This one is obvious, but what bottles you pick will make a huge…