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    5 COVID Safe Things to do this Halloween Season in Las Vegas

    We are in the midst of Halloween season; however, this year is much different from normal. Usually, I’m getting ready to go to trunk or treats during the month, and trick or treating on Halloween night. Halloween is even on a Saturday this year. I figured it would be a long day of on and off trick or treating. Unfortunately, COVID is still a problem. In addition, we have a few high risk people in our family to worry about. I wanted to find some things we could do that are still safe to participate in.  We will be skipping trick or treating all together. I won’t even be handing…

  • 5 Halloween Books to Read with Your Kids | www.thevegasmom.com
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    5 Halloween Books to Read with Your Kids

    TI have rounded up five Halloween books for you to read with your kids just like yesterday’s six cute Halloween movies. All of these books are available in a physical book and on Kindle Unlimited. Personally, I love a good mix of physical books and on my Kindle app. These books are geared for kids from as little as two up until ten. Hopefully you find a book on here to read with your child, niece, nephew, etc. 5 Halloween Books for Kids Corduroy’s Best Halloween Ever by Jean Palmer At the Old Haunted House by Helen Ketteman When the Clock Strikes on Halloween by Lisa Ferland Sammy’s Spooktacular Halloween by…

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    6 Cute Halloween Movies to Watch with Your Kids This Fall

    Halloween is right around the corner! Once it is October I will be playing Halloween movies and shorts non-stop for DJ and Brooklyn. There are plenty of Halloween movies that are way too scary for kids. In addition, the Halloween movies for kids are scattered through all different platforms. I wanted to compile a list of six cute Halloween movies for you to watch with the kids in your life. I’ve linked them to exactly where you can watch them. You’ll find these movies on Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime. I have watched all of these movies over the years, and they are all so adorable. 6 Cute Halloween Movies…

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    Things to Help Keep You in the Halloween Spirit

    Halloween is right around the corner, but with COVID this year is going to be different. I know there are people who are comfortable taking their kids trick-or-treating; however, my husband and I are not. Instead we are going to be throwing the kids a Halloween party. Halloween is on a Saturday, which means I have an entire day to fill with fun stuff. I figured there are other people like me and my husband. That is why I compiled a list of things to help keep you in the Halloween spirit this year. There is a good mix of snacks, decor, crafts, and even party ideas. Things to Help…

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    Rice Creeper Treats

    DJ recently had his 5th birthday party, and it was Minecraft themed. One of the snacks that I made for the birthday party I named Rice Creeper Treats. They were pretty simple to make, and were such a huge hit. I wanted to share them with you to make for a Minecraft loving child in your life. The first thing I did was melt the butter and marshmallow together. Once it was all melted and gooey I added in several drops of green food coloring until it was a bright green color.  After the marshmallow was green I mixed in all the Rice Krispie cereal. It wasn’t as green as…

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    DJ’s 5th Birthday

    I cannot believe DJ is officially five. I don’t know where the time has gone. It feels like just yesterday I was holding a brand new newborn in my arms. Now he’s a big boy. I am so proud of everything he’s learned and done in the last five years. DJ’s 5th birthday party was Minecraft themed. He was in heaven. He’s currently Minecraft obsessed. This year was definitely a little different from normal since we are in the middle of a pandemic. I still wanted him to have a great birthday either way. My main goal was to make sure I had green every where. In addition, I wanted…

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    16 Instant Pot Recipes to Try This Month

    It is hot here in Las Vegas. It’s going to stay hot until at least the end of September. The last thing I want to do is be cooking in the oven or standing over a hot stove. My Instant Pot has made it so I can have delicious and fast dinners, without making my house get even hotter. In addition, school is starting soon. I know most families are doing distant learning, but that is still time consuming. DJ is only going to be starting kindergarten, and I’m going to be needing to be with him the whole time. In addition to kindergarten, DJ also has two acting classes a…

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    Children’s Book of the Week: Explode The Code primers

    This week’s book of the week is different from normal. Usually I post about books we are readying; however, this week I’m talking about a series of books I’ve been using to teach DJ how to write and phonics. The books are Explode The Code primers by Nancy Hall. There are three books in total. They’re the primer books for her Explode the Code series.  I really wanted DJ to get a head start on learning how to write and say his letters correctly before Kindergarten started. Originally, I was doing them every single day. However, COVID got in the way. David started working from home, and things needed to be shifted…

  • 13 Delicious Brunch Recipes | www.thevegasmom.com

    13 Delicious Brunch Recipes

    My birthday is coming up in a few weeks, and one of my favorite things is brunch. I love that during brunch there are different options from savory to sweet. Brunch for me is an all out thing. I save it for holidays, and sometimes birthdays. I decided this year I want to do a big brunch for my birthday, because I’m not doing anything else due to COVID. During my search for the perfect brunch recipes, I decided to compile a list of my favorite delicious brunch recipes for all of you as well. I will be sharing what I choose for my birthday on my Instagram. 13 Delicious…

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    A Weekend at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino

      My family and I recently spent a weekend at the Westgate Resort and Casino here in Las Vegas. I was nervous at first with everything going on. However, after I saw their WestgateCARES program I knew we’d be safe staying. Honestly, we needed a good Vegas staycation. It’s been several anxiety filled months. We definitely needed a weekend getaway. “WestgateCARES is our enhanced health and safety plan, developed in response to the current COVID- 19 pandemic as part of our ongoing commitment to ensuring the health and well-being of all our guests, Team Members and the communities we work and live in. Listed below are all of our plans,…